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LAMP All-In-One with MySQL 5.1 (v13 Infinity)

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Leading edge features

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Basic all-in-one LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server designed to work in a hybrid cloud setting. This server takes regular backups of the MySQL 5.1 database and saves them to public cloud storage. Suitable for single-server test, development, and production (non-redundant) purposes.

Technical Overview

This tutorial describes the steps for launching a production-ready LAMP server in the cloud. It uses the LAMP All-In-One MySQL 5.1ServerTemplates that are designed for easily setting up and launching a test LAMP server (with a MySQL and Apache installation). Unlike the "Trial" version, this tutorial assumes that you have your own application and database. Therefore, you will need to provide some application-specific information. 


Software Application Versions

  • Apache 2.2
  • MySQL 5.1
  • PHP 5.3
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