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Perform a clean, full system shutdown

There are situations in which we need to stop or decommission our full DB system. In this case we simply need to stop access to our DB instances and then bring them offline.

Required actions: What recipes should I apply to solve the situation?

Overall strategy: Stop the application from using the databases and then decommission them.

  1. Disable application writes (and reads). This step will depend on your particular application. A typical scenario would be to put up a "maintenance" page, and bring down your app (in all existing instances).
  2. Disable or Enable Continuous Backups
  3. (Optional) Take a last backup of the DB if appropriate.  Backup Master-DB
  4. Stop your slave instance (or instances). Click on the "stop" button next to their component (if you're using deployments), or click on the "stop" icon on their instance page.
  5. Stop your master instance. (Click on the "stop" button in the same way as described for the slaves.)
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