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I want to take the Master-DB instance offline

If you want to take the Master-DB instance offline, it's important that the availability of the data is not effected.  The safest way to take an existing master DB offline is to promote the existing slave to master, launch and initialize a new Slave-DB, and then safely terminate the old Master-DB.

Verification: How do I know my system is in this situation?

You should only be in this situation if you need to perform an action that requires disconnecting the current Master-DB from the deployment.  Remember, in the cloud you always roll-forward by promoting a slave to become the new master.  You never want to take the Master-DB instance offline and then make it your Master-DB again.

Common situations may include:

  • Changing the core configuration of the Master-DB instance (e.g. instance size, machine image, etc.)
  • Simple termination of Master-DB instance


Required actions: What recipes should I apply to solve the situation?

  1. Promote Slave-DB to Master-DB
  2. Launch a new Slave-DB 
  3. Safely terminate the old Master-DB since it is no longer being used.


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