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I want faster backups

You have a working MySQL database setup, but it's taking too long to complete the backups because the size of the volume is extremely large.  Is there a way to reduce the amount of time that's required to complete a backup of the database?

To decrease the amount of time it takes to perform a backup you should increase the numbers of volumes in your stripe. For example, if you are using a single volume that's 100GB, you can decrease the amount of time to perform a backup by 4x if you migrate to a stripe of four 25GB volumes.  Follow the tutorial below and use the EBS_STRIPE_COUNT input to change the number of volumes in the stripe.

Note:  Changing the instance size of the database server will not affect the time required to complete a backup snapshot.  The time required to complete a snapshot of a volume is only affected by the size of the volume and its data, not the instance size.

Required actions: What recipes should I apply to solve the situation?

  1. Change the Number of Volumes in a Stripe


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