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Domain Setup with another DNS Provider

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To set up your DNS settings using another DNS Provider other than the ones that RightScale currently supports (DNS Made Easy, DynDNS, Amazon Route 53) for your back-end database servers so that they will function properly on Amazon EC2. 

WARNING!  This tutorial is only supported by ServerTemplates and RightScripts that are in the '11H1' Compatibility Release.

Table of Contents


RightScale's DNS Tools have been moved into their own RightScript ("SYS DNS tools install"). This RightScript is capable of handling multiple DNS providers and it's very easy to customize and add a plug-in for your own DNS provider.  Use the code in this RightScript as an example of how to plugin your own DNS provider.  


  1. Clone the "SYS DNS tools install" RightScript so that you can modify it.
  2. Upload an attachment to the script.  Configure the RightScript to copy the attachment to a known integration point on the filesystem (named /opt/rightscale/dns/dns_set.rb).
  3. This dns_set.rb script will be called by the RightScale DB tools using the following 'standardized' options:
  • -u DNS_USER - The username to access the DNS provider's account.
  • -p DNS_PASSWORD - The password to access the DNS provider's account.
  • -i DNS_ID - The ID that's used to set the DNS Record.  For example, DNSMadeEasy uses a unique Integer ID. DynDNS uses the FQDN hostname of the DNS record.
  • -a IP_ADDRESS - (Optional) The DNS record will be set to this address. If no address is specified, the tool should default to using ENV['EC2_LOCAL_IPV4']


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