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logo_wavemaker.pngTruly WYSIWYG Web 2.0 Development

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio ( is an easy-to-use visual builder that enables the drag & drop assembly of scalable, web-applications using Ajax widgets, web services and databases. WaveMaker Studio will look and feel especially familiar to client/server developers who are used to working with visual tools.

WaveMaker has helped customers reduce development costs by 67% and cut the lines of code written by 98%. Less code makes WaveMaker applications cheaper to maintain and easier to manage.


ServerTemplate Summary

WaveMaker can be used with RightScale's Tomcat ServerTemplates.  For production web sites that need to scale based on user demand you should use the Tomcat ServerTemplates. RightScale also has provided a Linux, Apache 2, MySQL 5, PHP, and Tomcat 6 "all-in-one" ServerTemplate.  It is fully compatible with WaveMaker's .war files.  Deployment is done easily from WaveMaker studio by selecting "Deploy to RightScale."  

ServerTemplates published by RightScale Partners can be found in the MultiCloud Marketplace.  Go to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> ServerTemplates.  Use the filter options to find correct ServerTemplate(s).   In order to use the ServerTemplate, you must first import it to your local view.

Some Partner ServerTemplates are not designed to launch server instances.  In some cases, the purpose of a ServerTemplate is to provide access to a collection of RightScripts. 

ServerTemplate Tomcat MySQL All In One (LAMPT) v1  

Template Inputs

Use the input values provided below.  For the inputs highlighted in bold, you will need to provide your own values.

 ADMIN_EMAIL  text:root@localhost
 APACHE_MPM  text:prefork
 APPLICATION  text: The name of your application (e.g. myapp)
 APPLICATION_CODE_BUCKET  text:The name of your S3 bucket (e.g. mybucket)
 APPLICATION_CODE_PACKAGE  text:The filename of your .war file (e.g. myapp.war)
 DBAPPLICATION_PASSWORD  text: The database password (e.g. appdbpass)
 DBAPPLICATION_USER  text: The database username (e.g. appusername)
 DB_BINLOG_PREFIX  text:CRMSample_binlog_prefix
 DB_MYSQLDUMP_BUCKET  text: The name of your S3 bucket
 DB_MYSQLDUMP_PREFIX  text: The prefix of the SQL dump backu
 DB_SCHEMA_NAME  text: The name of your db schema (e.g. northwind)
 DB_SERVER_USAGE  text:shared
 MASTER_DB_DNSNAME  text:localhost
 MON_PROCESSES  text:httpd mysqld
 OPT_MAINTENANCE_PAGE  text:/php_check.php
 OPT_MOD_JK_ENABLE  text:true
 OPT_PHP_ENABLE  text:true
 OPT_SERVE_LOCAL_FILES  ignore:$ignore
 OPT_TARGET_BIND_ADDRESS  ignore:$ignore
 OPT_TARGET_BIND_PORT  ignore:$ignore
 OPT_VHOST_PORT  ignore:$ignore
 PHP_MODULES_LIST  text:php-mysql


Using the ServerTemplate

In WaveMaker Studio, use the "Deploy to RightScale" option to deploy the completed .war files to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3).  Simply specify which of your S3 buckets will store the files. The ServerTemplate requires the name of the S3 bucket and the .war file (including the .war extension).  You can also give it a friendly "application name" which should conform to a valid directory name.  When the server is launched, it will explode the .war file into a directory with your application name. 

A few more steps are required to set up the database.  You will need to create a database user that has all of the necessary permissions so that your application will have access to all of the required data.  You will not be able to use the "root" user for this purpose.  The all-in-one ServerTemplate only supports SQL dump files as backups (not MySQL-EBS binary backups).  However, for a production server that uses the premium ServerTemplates, you can use MySQL-EBS binary backups.  If you are new to Rightscale then you should refer to the All-in-one LAMP Server tutorial because the "LAMPT" ServerTemplate is also a LAMP ServerTemplate.   


Support Information

For more information about WaveMaker Studio, please check out the documentation and support links at

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