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Summary Statement

Data integration is the process of moving and combining data across the information system. It typically consists of extracting data from different sources (databases, files, applications, Web Services, emails, etc.), applying transformations (join, lookup, deduplication, calculation, etc.) to this data and sending the resulting data to target systems.

Talend, the recognized market leader in open source data integration, leverages the open source model to make data integration available to all types of organizations, regardless of their size, level of expertise or budgetary constraints. Talend’s solutions connect to all source and target systems and they can be downloaded at no cost. Talend also offers data quality solutions, fully complementary to its data integration solutions.

ServerTemplates & RightScripts

ServerTemplates published by RightScale Partners can be found in the MultiCloud Marketplace.  Go to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> ServerTemplates.  Use the filter options to find correct ServerTemplate(s).   In order to use the ServerTemplate, you must first import it to your local view.

Some Partner ServerTemplates are not designed to launch server instances.  In some cases, the purpose of a ServerTemplate is to provide access to a collection of RightScripts. 

ServerTemplate Talend Repository 3.1.3EE  
RightScript talend-cls-3.1.3EE Install talend-cls .RPM
RightScript talend-rjs-3.1.3EE Install talend-rjs .RPM
RightScript TAC 3.1.3EE Install Web Admin
RightScript Install SVN Install and configure Subversion
RightScript Start Daemons  
RightScript Talend-LandingPage Install welcome page on Apache


For documentation about the complete Business Intelligence Stack, see BI Stack.

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