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Since 1978, InterSystems has been in the business of making application developers more productive and more successful.

InterSystems Caché® is a high-performance object database and rapid development environment that seamlessly combines object and relational technologies. Caché enables fast Web application development, extraordinary transaction processing speed, and active analytics using both structured and unstructured data. The Caché rapid development environment is ideal for building all types of applications, from simple to complex. Caché is so reliable, it is the world’s leading database in healthcare – and is widely used in many other industries.

InterSystems Ensemble® is used by enterprises that want a rapid integration platform, and by application providers who want to create breakthrough “connectable” applications that can share data with other applications. Ensemble also leverages previous software investments through composite applications, and establishes an enterprise service bus (ESB) or SOA infrastructure. Plus, Ensemble makes it easy for developers to enhance existing products with valuable features such as adaptable workflow, browser-based user interfaces, dashboards and rules-based business processes – without rewriting code.

Both are enabled with InterSystems DeepSee™ -- software that makes it possible to add embedded active analytics in transactional systems, so users can make better operational decisions.

To learn more about how to build breakthrough applications with InterSystems' technologies, see Building Breakthrough Applications, and visit our website at

Table of Contents

Features and Benefits

InterSystems Caché

  • High transactions speeds
  • Massive scalability
  • Flexible data access (objects, SQL, MultiValue, direct) without mapping
  • Active analytics (real-time embedded business intelligence)
  • Analysis of unstructured data
  • Supports development using Java, .NET, C#, C++, and more
  • XML and Web services
  • InterSystems Zen Technology™ (an AJAX implementation) for rapid development of rich Web applications
  • Advanced security model
  • High availability features

InterSystems Ensemble

  • Messaging engine
  • Embedded, SQL-compliant object database
  • Advanced abstraction technology
  • Rapid integration & development environment
  • Data transformations
  • Business process orchestration
  • Business rules engine
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Adaptable workflow engine
  • Adapter library and framework
  • Standards support
  • End-to-end management

Common Use Cases

InterSystems Caché

Caché is typically used for developing breakthrough applications that need one or more of the following:

  • High-speed transaction processing
  • Massive scalability
  • Ability to model and use complex data
  • Object and SQL data access
  • Embedded, real-time data analysis
  • Analysis of unstructured data (such as text, BLOBs, etc.)
  • A rich Web (or Mobile) interface
  • High Availability
  • Data Security


InterSystems Ensemble

Ensemble is ideal for:

  • Enterprise-wide integration
  • Building composite applications
  • Establishing an enterprise service bus (ESB) or SOA infrastructure
  • Development of new connectable applications that have embedded integration capability
  • Enhancing existing products with valuable features such as adaptable workflow, browser-based user interfaces, dashboards and rules-based business processes – without rewriting code.
  • Healthcare messaging solutions


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If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by InterSystems, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support, including RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

InterSystems Support

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Pricing and Billing

Pricing for use of the RightScale components published by InterSystems is detailed in the ServerTemplate End User License Agreement (EULA), available upon import to your account's local collection.  For more details on pricing, please contact your RightScale Account Manager.

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Vendor Documentation

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