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WarningDue to Gluster's purchase by Redhat, our support contract with Gluster has expired and Gluster's ServerTmplates are no longer available within the MultiCloud Marketplace for the time being.


There will be no further development on the pre-existing ServerTemplates, specifically with the scripts included. The product itself will still continue to be supported as needed.

Table of Contents

Features and Benefits

Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance packages Gluster scale-out NAS in a ServerTemplate enabling high availability and shared storage in EC2. Scale-out storage on demand. Pay only as you grow. Pricing information located in the full description. Free trials available.

This ServerTemplate has the following cost:

-$0.24 USD per RCU if Gluster Standard is chosen.

-$0.30 USD per RCU if Gluster Platinum is chosen.


By default, this ServerTemplate will be set to Gluster Standard.

Free trials of the Gluster ServerTemplate are available. To arrange for a free trial, or to contact Gluster:

+1-800-805-5125 or +1-408-770-1883


Gluster is storage for the modern data center, providing scale-out NAS within the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Hundreds of enterprises worldwide use our software-only platform to aggregate storage resources (either on-premise or in the cloud) into a unified high performance, standardized, virtualized, and centrally managed pool. The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for RightScale is deployed in minutes in Amazon EC2 instances. Within the Amazon Web Services environment data is stored on Elastic Block Storage (EBS). Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances pool multiple EBS storage elements together eliminating capacity limitations of a single device and smoothing out small performance variations across the pool. The Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance is the only highly available virtual storage solution for Amazon EC2 instances. Users with high availability requirements can rely upon the Gluster file replication capability to provide N-way replication to assure data availability. Additionally, the Gluster AMI works across Amazon Web Services Availability Zones.

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform simplifies the deployment, management and monitoring of Gluster’s scale-out storage technology. Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances deploy in minutes and customers manage data growth in a single global namespace in the cloud environment. Customers can use Gluster to extend the scalability and cost-effective benefits of the RightScale Management Dashboard to their highly available cloud storage solution. By adding storage on an as-needed basis, RightScale customers can dramatically reduce costs, only paying for what they require, with no downtime or service interruption.


Key Benefits:

With the Gluster Virtual Storage Appliance for RightScale, customers experience a number of added benefits including:

  •  Ability to aggregate multiple Amazon EBS blocks into a single pool of storage
  • Shared access to the EBS storage pool for many clients
  • A high availability (HA) storage solution for EBS
  • High performance scale-out storage with utility-based pricing
  • Guaranteed data availability from working across availability zones and with S3 for snapshots

Learn more about Gluster Virtual Storage Appliances.

Common Use Cases

  • Storage when needed - Gluster allows for storage to be seamlessly scaled in times where there is increased demand.
  • Fail Over for storage in the cloud- Gluster's native client allows for seamless failover between nodes without the need for a Virtual IP.  In cases where data must be available, this solution provides the only solution for customers....

ServerTemplate and Runbook Information

Select a link to see more detailed ServerTemplate and  Runbook information.

FAQs (Coming Soon)



Gluster has agreed to continue to support pre-existing legacy Gluster servertemplate users with whatever they need even though the contract has ceased. Thus, if you need assistance, we can give our best effort to provide it and can involve Redhat support representatives if needed.

If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by Gluster, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support, including RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

Partner Application Support

If you have questions regarding general Gluster application functionality, please contact Redhat directly via their customer support portal here. The '' email is no longer active.

Pricing and Billing

Pricing for use of the RightScale components published by Gluster is detailed in the ServerTemplate End User License Agreement (EULA), available upon import to your account's local collection.  For more details on pricing, please contact your RightScale Account Manager.

If you have questions regarding billing, email

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