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Viewing Metering Reports


 icon-Beta-v1.png  Service-level response times are the same as for general-release features. Although this new feature/technology has undergone significant testing and is not expected to change significantly prior to general release, the use of this feature/technology is not recommended for production environments. You are encouraged to use this feature/technology for development and testing purposes only. 


To understand how to read the collected metering data.  


Default Metrics

The following metrics will be collected and displayed in the Dashboard.  Use the 'Overview' option to view the usage data inside the Dashboard. Use the 'Download' option to download a complete monthly report (.xls).

  • Server Hours
  • Servers Launched
  • Max Concurrent Servers
  • Disk Volume Hours
  • Max Disk Volume Size

Note: Custom metrics will be displayed in columns at the end of the table.



ServerTemplates Usage Report

This section in the Dashboard (Report > ServerTemplates Usage) tracks the monthly usage of the ServerTemplates within the RightScale account you're currently viewing.   For example, several users might have access to your company's RightScale account.   This report helps you track which ServerTemplates are being used to launch instances on a monthly basis.

Generate usage data by Instance (Size), ServerTemplate, and Vendor (Publisher).  The Publisher column displays the organization name.  This field is not required when publishing ServerTemplates and is often left blank.

Example: Sort by ServerTemplate


In the example above, the listed ServerTemplates were used within this RightScale account to launch instances in the month of November 2009. 


Customer Usage Report

This section in the Dashboard (Report > Customer Usage) shows the monthly usage data of your published ServerTemplates by all RightScale users.

Generate usage data by Instance (Size), ServerTemplate, Sharing Group, and Account.

Example: Sort by ServerTemplate


In the example above, two published ServerTemplates were used by '' to launch instances in the month of September 2009. 


Example: Sort by Sharing Group


In the example above, the top section displays sharing groups that contained ServerTemplates that were used to launch instances in the September 2009.  The sharing groups listed in the bottom section were unused.   (i.e. They did not have a ServerTemplate that was used to launch instances in that month.)


Example: Sort by Account


In the example above, the top section displays the organizations (RightScale Accounts) that have access to use your published/shared ServerTemplates and used them to launch instances in that month. ISVs can use this information to generate invoices for customers based on displayed variable metrics. The accounts listed in the bottom section did not launch an instance using one of the published/shared ServerTemplates in that month.   Notice that their current sharing group access permissions are shown.   If the account previously had access to a sharing group, but their membership was recently revoked due to a cancelation or non-payment, their subscription status will be set to 'No' but their account will still be listed in this table. 

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