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CloudPassage provides security SaaS solutions for securing cloud servers. The Halo exposure management and firewall administration features give DevOps, SysAdmins and SecOps professionals the ability to easily protect servers across private, public and hybrid clouds.

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Features and Benefits

CloudPassage Halo is the first fully elastic, portable security solution for protecting cloud servers. Halo provides vulnerability management, compliance monitoring, centralized iptables/NetFilter firewall management, and server account auditing. Halo brings cloud-capable innovation the key security functions needed to protect cloud servers:
  • Halo’s vulnerability management tools provide configuration exposure and compliance assessment for operating systems and the applications they host. Halo is unique in delivering almost completely accurate server exposure assessment with almost zero impact to server resources, assessing thousands of server configuration points in seconds.
  • Halo’s iptables management capabilities enable users to centrally automate firewall policy creation and deployment for hundreds or thousands of cloud servers. Using a web-based policy management UI, policies are created and assigned to customer-created server groups. Halo automatically updates firewall rules across the cloud as servers are added, removed and moved between policy groups.
  • Halo also provides centralized server account auditing across cloud servers. User and system account information is regularly audited, including group membership, recent activity, password parameters, presence of ssh keys and sudo access. Reports are available for all users on a server, or for a single user across all cloud servers.

Future features will include intrusion detection & prevention, remote server forensics, fully portable host-to-network VPN capabilities, and server account management. Most capabilities are accessible via RESTful APIs, allowing for easy integration with other management tools.

Common Use Cases

  • CloudPassage Halo is commonly used for protection of cloud servers deployed in public IaaS environments, such as Amazon EC2 or the Rackspace Cloud. Halo addresses the needs of IaaS users with security and compliance requirements such as:
    • Protection of intellectual property
    • PCI, HIPAA, SOX404 and other regulatory standards
    • Customer and partner information protection demands

From a technical perspective, Halo enables easy and highly automated satisfaction of the needs above. Halo’s elasticity, scalability and portability means that users can utilize a single solution for cloud server security needs, with complete scalability and portability that’s agnostic to hypervisor or cloud provider.


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RightScale Support

If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by CloudPassage, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support or to get more information on RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

CloudPassage Support

If you have questions regarding CloudPassage Halo functionalities or you need to report bugs, please visit the CloudPassage Community Support site.
Customers who have upgraded to premium versions of CloudPassage may obtain email and/or telephone support by opening support tickets in the CloudPassage Portal.

Vendor Documentation

Vendor specific documentation can be found here:

Pricing and Billing

Pricing for use of the RIghtScale components published by CloudPassage is detailed in the Rightscript End User License Agreement (EULA), available upon import to your Library. For more details on pricing, please contact your RightScale Account Manager.

If you have questions regarding billing, email

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