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Release Date: September 19, 2014

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

Consolidated Billing in AWS

Using the Consolidated Billing Feature in RightScale, you can oversee and manage your enterprise cloud billing for linked accounts in your Consolidated Billing Group (CBG) within AWS. For the steps required to configure the Consolidated Billing Feature for your enterprise accounts in RightScale, see Set Up Consolidated Billing with AWS on the RightScale Support site.

AWS SSD Volume Support

RightScale now supports General Purpose SSD EBS volumes. See Create a New EBS Volume on the RightScale Support site for additional information.

AWS Ephemeral Block Device Mapping

RightScale will now create and attach the maximum number of ephemeral disks to your EC2 instance at boot as permitted by the instance type you launch. A new option box has been added to the Add Server Assistant to support this new feature. If you need to add more ephemeral space to an existing server you can edit that server, enable the option box, and Relaunch the server. See Add Server Assistant on the RightScale Support site for additional information.

RightScale API v1.5

  • RightScript Support - The RightScale API v1.5 now supports showing the body of, updating the body of, and committing RightScripts.
  • EBS Volume Encryption Support - The RightScale API v1.5 supports enabling encryption on EBS Volumes upon creation.
  • See the RightScale API v1.5 Reference for additional information.

Changes in Feature Behavior

AWS Security Credentials

Amazon Web Services (AWS) credentials (i.e., credentials with names beginning with 'AWS_') will now only exist if the account has added AWS clouds. In addition, AWS credentials can be deleted if the account holder wants to prevent those credentials from being made available to instances. Note that there is a positive security gain to deleting AWS credentials and making them unavailable to instances.

SAML Single Sign-on

Improvements to the SAML SSO customer registration workflow help to streamline the process of setting up new enterprise users with SAML. See Getting Started with SAML on the RightScale Support site for additional information.



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