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Release Date: July 11, 2014

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

IAM Support when Provisioning a Server

You can now specify an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Instance Profile Name or Amazon Resource Name (ARN) when provisioning a Server or ServerArray via the API or Dashboard UI. See Add Server Assistant for additional details.

AWS Name Sync with Instance Name

RightScale will sync EC2 instance names to RightScale Server or Instance nicknames bi-directionally with instances provisioned on AWS. Immediately, this capability works on new instances that are provisioned after release. Over the next several weeks, RightScale will sync existing instances' names within our system. See AWS Name Sync with Instance Name for additional details.

Support for EC2's T2 Instance Types

RightScale now supports provisioning EC2 instances using t2.micro, t2.small and t2.medium instance types.

Deployment Servers Tab

The previously beta Deployment Servers Tab is now generally available with this release. We have fixed all outstanding reported defects. This view collapses multiple tables from the old view into a single table that shows instances, servers and server arrays side by side with the ability to perform bulk actions.

RightScale API v1.5

You can now use RightScale API 1.5 to provision instances on supported clouds, launch AMIs, VM Templates, Machine Images, and more.

RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere (RCA-V)

  • Storage Volume Support - Storage volumes can be created based on virtual disks using storage policies configured in the vSphere environment. This allows you to create volumes, take snapshots of volumes, and attach/detach volumes as new VMs become operational. RightScale ServerTemplates that rely on volume support (such as the Database Manager ServerTemplates) function in the vSphere environment at parity with other clouds.
  • Instance Type Mapping for Existing VMs in vSphere Environment - Existing workloads/VMs can be mapped to Instance Types defined by an RCA-V administrator. This allows tools like Cloud Analytics to view existing workloads on vSphere in the same manner as instances on other clouds.
  • Duplicate Server Name Remediation - vSphere is not very tolerant in regard to naming conflicts even if it is across disparate object types (VM templates, vApps, VMs etc). This release solves the problem of name conflicts that cause instance launch failures.
  • Image "Fingerprinting" Support for Publishing MultiCloud Images to the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace - This functionality allows automatic detection and use of RightImages that have already been uploaded to a vSphere environment via MultiCloud Images and ServerTemplates.
  • Support for Cloud-Default Virtual Network - Allows an RCA-V administrator to pick a default network where VMs can be launched by a RightScale user without having to explicitly specify a network.

Changes in Feature Behavior

SSH Client Configuration

RightScale no longer utilizes the MindTerm Java-based SSH client to initiate and launch SSH sessions from the Dashboard. The new behavior for SSH client configuration includes three options selectable in Settings > User Settings > SSH > Edit.

  • Download a Java Web Start Application: Uses a Java Web Start application to launch an SSH session. Requires Java 1.7 or later.
  • Run a Java Applet: Uses a standard Java Applet to launch an SSH session. Requires a compatible browser.
  • Generate ssh:// Protocol Links: For advanced users who do not want to use Java to launch an SSH session. May require additional browser configuration for proper operation.


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