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Release Date: February 6, 2014

Note: archived release notes available here

New Features

Unified Cloud Platform Improvements

RightScale's Unified Cloud Platform has the following important updates with this release:

  • Support setting route table associations on subnets and networks
  • CIDR for Subnets in Server Flow subnet selector
  • New optional association of ephemeral public IP address in Server Flow for VPC
  • Ability to create an EIP during the Add Server flow
  • Support for setting route table associations on subnets and networks
  • Optional association of ephemeral public IP address in Server Flow in EC2 VPC​
  • Show/hide buttons for the detail column and resizable column widths in Servers tab
  • Bug fixed for creating SSH Keys with unusual characters in name
  • Bug fixed for creating volumes from pending snapshots in EC2
  • Macros removed from UCP cloud management UI
  • Support removed for IE8. See the FAQ for supported browsers

Launch servers in a given cloud service for availability sets

An Azure Availability Set is a high level construct (with a label) that captures both fault domain and update domain. Our support now offers the ability to start multiple servers that are part of the same deployment to be added to the same Azure cloud service. Now you may assign these servers to different Availability Sets even while they are in the same Azure cloud service. When cloning deployments, all the servers in a given deployment will now end up in a different cloud service as well. This functionality is available via the Dashboard and API. For more information, see Create a Windows Azure Availability Set.

Known limitation:  When creating two servers with the same availability set, choosing to terminate these operational servers simultaneously with the "Apply to selected" option in the RightScale Servers tab will cause one of the servers to be stuck in decommissioning. In such cases, you must manually delete the stranded server(s) to terminate it.



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