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Release Date: December 12, 2013

Note: archived release notes available here

New Features

General Availability of Unified Cloud Platform

RightScale's Unified Cloud Platform (UCP) is now generally available to all users. UCP is a new version of the RightScale Dashboard and API where all development of new features are built. New features on a UCP that are not part of the Legacy Cloud Platform (LCP) are a unified 1.5 API where all clouds are supported as well as a new RDS and ELB Browser, Network Manager, grouping instances in deployments, and a new Servers tab UI. All newly created accounts on RightScale are UCP accounts. All older LCP accounts will be migrated to UCP accounts in the future. Contact your account manager if you would like to upgrade to a UCP. For more information, see Unified Cloud Platform.

General Availability of API 1.5

API 1.5 is now generally available to all users. Unlike API 1.0 which only supports AWS, API 1.5 supports all clouds. Your must be using a UCP account to use API 1.5 with AWS. For more information about API 1.5, see the API 1.5 Reference Guide or API 1.5 User Guide.

C3 Instance Type Support for AWS

RightScale supports the C3 Instance Types from Amazon Web Services announced during re:Invent last month. The C3 Instance Type is SSD-based and uses a 2.8GHz Intel Sandy Bridge processor that can attain 350,000 read IOPS and 320,000 write IOPS (IOPS is supported by default). This instance type is best used for large compute processing. For more information, see EC2 Instance Types.  

Private Cloud Firewall Rules [Deprecated]

You now have the ability to limit the amount of connections RightScale needs to access your private cloud when you enable Firewall Friendliness. With Firewall Friendliness enabled, RightScale should only require approximately 25 firewall rules to communicate with RightScale. For more information on how this will impact you private cloud connection with RightScale, see Private Cloud Connectivity Simplification. To start using Firewall Friendliness, see Enable Firewalls. 

OpenStack in Network Manager

RightScale's Network Manager now supports OpenStack. Now you can create network gateways, networks, subnets, and security groups on an OpenStack cloud in a Unified Cloud Platform (UCP) account. Currently, only Juno is supported for OpenStack with Network Manager. For more information on managing your OpenStack network with RightScale, see Network Manager.

Route Tables and DHCP for AWS in Network Manager

Network Manager now supports DHCP Options and Route Tables within VPC through our Network Manager. This is only available for AWS.

Child Account Creation for Enterprise Manager

Child accounts can now be created through the dashboard for enterprise accounts. Child accounts are an easy way to manage and control multiple accounts in RightScale through a single account. One benefit of having a child account is the ability to have a user enter in a set of cloud credentials that differ from the parent account. As an example, let's say you want to have a user add their own AWS account number to RightScale but still manage your own AWS credentials. You can provision a child account and have a user add in their own credentials while still being able to manage and control users to that account. For information on how to set this up, see Create a New Child Account.

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OpenStack Juno Support

RightScale now integrates with OpenStack Juno with support for latest versions of first class components such as Nova, Cinder, Swift, Glance and Neutron Networking. For more information about supported API versions, see OpenStack Configuration Prerequisites.

Updated Features

API Improvements 

With this release, various changes and improvements have been made to the API. New resources have been added and modified related to networking, repositories and cookbooks, security groups, and child account creation. For more information on what has changed, see the 2013-12-12 API Change Log

Chef Improvements and Fixes

Various improvements and fixes have been made to Chef in the RightScale Dashboard. Most notably, you can now differentiate two Chef-based ServerTemplates. This can be beneficial for comparing a new template with an older version or if you have cloned and modified a ServerTemplate and have left it untouched for some period of time. For more information, see Differentiate Two ServerTemplates. Other changes and improvements to Chef include:

  • A caution icon that indicates when a repository fetch has failed.
  • Selecting a repository displays more information in the right-navigation display.
  • Unavailable actions to cookbooks will be grayed out when you can't perform an action (for example, since you can't unfreeze a cookbook that is not frozen, the option will be grayed out when you try to perform that action).

Unique ID for ServerTemplate Branches

You can now locate a unique ID for a ServerTemplate through RightScale API 1.5. 

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Stranded in Booting Links to Audit Logs

When a server gets stranded in a deployment, there will now be a link that takes you to the appropriate audit entry of the stranded instance.

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OpenStack Cloud Registration Simplification
When registering an OpenStack cloud, RightScale performs more error checking and user handling. For more information, see Register an OpenStack Private Cloud with RightScale.
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