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Release Date: October 01, 2013

Note: archived release notes available here

New Features

New OpenStack Features

Several new OpenStack features were introduced in this release:

OpenStack Neutron Support

This release adds RightScale support for OpenStack Neutron, which provides "networking as a service" between interface devices managed by other OpenStack services.  This applies to OpenStack Juno release.

OpenStack Availability Zone Support

OpenStack availability zones are now supported in RightScale. Availability Zones are used to provide some form of physical isolation and redundancy from other availability zones (such as by using separate power supply or network equipment).

Google Shared Core Instance Type Support

Certain instance types on Google Compute Engine do not have boot disk space and require a persistent disk to be provisioned when launching an instance.  RightScale has added support for persistent disk as the boot source so that you can launch servers through RightScale on any instance type on Google Compute Engine, including g1-small and f1-micro. RightScale will auto-create the persistent boot disk from the selected image and will also clean up these disks upon server termination.  For more information about Google Compute Engine on RightScale, see Google.

Synchronizing EC2 and RightScale Tags

EC2 instance tags and RightScale tags have been synchronized so that you can view tags in the Amazon console and they will have some logical correlation to RightScale tags and vice versa. To sync tags from RightScale to AWS, create them as 'ec2:<key>=<value>'. This feature only works with RightScale Unified Cloud Platform accounts. For more information, see Use EC2 Tags in RightScale.

Network Manager - Network Gateway Support

In order to achieve parity with EC2 on RightScale UCP for AWS, the RightScale Network Manager now includes network gateway support. For more information about the Network Manager, see Networks

Usability Improvements

Several usability improvements were made for this release. Some of the areas improved include bulk deleting of volumes, enabling start/stop bulk actions for servers, improved tooltips, sorting of arrays by name, and adding links to ServerTemplates in a server's Info tab. 

Cost Accuracy Improvements

RightScale has improved cost reporting for compute resources and volumes in order to increase the accuracy of costs that RightScale customers charge back to their users and customers. 

Cookbook Metadata Generation

As of this release, you no longer have to manually generate a cookbook's metadata.json file and place it in your cookbook because RightScale will automatically create the metadata.json file (from the metadata.rb file) upon a fetch or refetch of your cookbooks into Repose. For more information, see Chef Metadata.  



Many bugs were resolved with this release. If you are interested in inquiring about a particular issue, please contact

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