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Reminder: ServerTemplates and MCIs are released separately from the new Release of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. See the ServerTemplate and MultiCloud Images Release Notes.

General Release Information

Release Date: May 31st, 2012

Release Time: 5:00pm Pacific

The focus of this release is:

  • Updated support for two clouds: CloudStack and Rackspace
  • Added bulk updates to current input values to the Dashboard UI
  • Enhanced UI

Contact Information:


  • alpha - Feature that has undergone simple testing and is expected to change, possibly significantly, before going into "beta" or "general availability." Recommended for early access to new features and prototyping of new deployments/architectures. Only eligible for limited technical support. Service Level Response times are not applicable to alpha software.
  • beta - Feature that has undergone significant testing and is not expected to significantly change before "general availability." Recommended for non-production deployments.
  • general availability - Feature that has undergone testing and field experience or is a minor upgrade from prior releases. Recommended for production upgrade after testing. 


New Features

- Disclaimer -

recently_intro_icon.gifThe following new features have been added to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Be sure to read the documentation, follow best practice principles, and thoroughly test any new functionality before making any changes to your production deployment.

Update Current Input Values for a Deployment

Updating the inputs of current running servers was previously restricted to the server level. This functionality has been extended to allow bulk updates to current inputs at the deployment level. This is beneficial for deployments that contain hundreds of servers. Update selected inputs on multiple running servers at once without having to re-launch. You can then run scripts across the deployment using these new input values. Use this feature to edit inputs for 'current' servers as well as 'next' servers. For more information, see Update Inputs of Multiple Running Servers.

Support for CloudStack Acton

RightScale supports the newest version of CloudStack 3.0 with the addition of support for new Acton features. For more information, see CloudStack or contact your account manager.

Support for Rackspace Managed Cloud Servers

RightScale now supports Rackspace Managed Cloud Servers in private beta. Rackspace Managed Cloud Servers consists of dedicated support and customized architecture and service solutions tailored to your requirements. Use our Rackspace Managed Cloud Servers to combine dedicated OS-level service from Rackspace with the powerful cloud management tools of the RightScale platform. For more information about participating in this private beta, contact your account manager or

Recurring Volume Attachments

Recurring Volume Attachments is the newest feature added to the RightScale 1.5 API. Use this feature to attach generic volumes at boot. For more information about this and other components of the API, see RightScale API 1.5.


Enhanced Features

Tags Across Deployments

Tags can now be set so servers are addressable across multiple deployments throughout an account. Previously, servers could only address other servers by tag within the same deployment. This enhancement allows for servers to utilize similar inputs across multiple deployments. To use this feature, set Server tag scope to 'account' instead of 'deployment' on the info tab of your deployment. For more information, see Use Tags Across Deployments. 

Modal Dialogs

The dialog boxes and pop-ups in the RightScale Dashboard have been enhanced with new, sleeker, modal dialog boxes. This improved UI feature makes for a more pleasurable user experience by enhancing a frequently-used component of the UI.



For security groups, when creating a permission, the default IPs field is in order to accept web traffic from any network. The previous default was

Unresolved Issues




Multiple bugs related to provisioning and ServerTemplate sharing via the API were fixed.
Many other bugs were resolved with this release. If you are interested in inquiring about a particular issue, please contact



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