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Reminder: ServerTemplates and RightScripts are released separately from the new Release of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. See the ServerTemplate and MultiCloud Images Release Notes.

General Release Information

Release Date: December 15, 2011

Release Time: 5:00pm Pacific

The focus of this release is:

  • Beta support for several new clouds.
  • Added functionality for Dashboard features.

Contact Information:


  • alpha - Feature that has undergone simple testing and is expected to change, possibly significantly, before going into "beta" or "general availability." Recommended for early access to new features and prototyping of new deployments/architectures. Only eligible for limited technical support. Service Level Response times are not applicable to alpha software.
  • beta - Feature that has undergone significant testing and is not expected to significantly change before "general availability." Recommended for non-production deployments.
  • general availability - Feature that has undergone testing and field experience or is a minor upgrade from prior releases. Recommended for production upgrade after testing. 


New Features

- Disclaimer -

recently_intro_icon.gifThe following new features have been added to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. Be sure to read the documentation, follow best practice principles, and thoroughly test any new functionality before making any changes to your production deployment.


Bulk Updates for RightScripts

A bulk updates for RightScripts feature is now available. Previously, if you committed a new revision of a RightScript and wanted to update multiple ServerTemplates that are using that script, you would have to navigate to the Scripts tab and update the RightScript revision for each ServerTemplate individually. Now you can select multiple ServerTemplates on the script's Xref tab, and update them to a new RightScript revision in one click. Note that you can only do this for HEAD versions of ServerTemplates. For more information on the new RightScript bulk update feature, see Update RightScripts across Multiple ServerTemplates.

Clone a Server Array

You can now clone a server array with one click of a button. Cloning a server array creates an identical and editable copy, avoiding the task of setting up your specific set of parameters each time you create a new array. For more information, see Clone a Server Array.

Beta Support for Datapipe

Support for Datapipe has been added to the Dashboard. As of this release, you may add Datapipe as a public cloud to your account. Datapipe offers a single provider solution for managing and securing IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data centers. RightImages and core CloudStack ServerTemplates are currently available with more RightScale assets and objects supported for this cloud in the coming weeks. Contact your sales or your account manager for access. For more information, see Datapipe

Beta Support for Logicworks

Support for Logicworks has been added to the Dashboard. As of this release, you may add Logicworks as a public cloud to your account. infiniCloud, the cloud offering from Logicworks, provides public cloud compute, storage, and networking resources. Managed services are available for infiniCloud including database replication and clustering support as well as managed security. Use your existing credentials from Logicworks to add this cloud to your account, where RightImages and core CloudStack ServerTemplates are currently available. There will be more RightScale assets and objects supported for this cloud in the coming weeks.

Note: Logicworks is no longer supported.

Beta Support for SoftLayer

Support for SoftLayer has been added to the Dashboard. As of this release, you may add SoftLayer as a public cloud to your account. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and managed hosting through integrated computing environments with data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, Washington D.C., Asia-Pacific and Europe with network Points of Presence worldwide.  You may use your existing credentials from SoftLayer to add this cloud to your account and have visibility into your SoftLayer servers. There will be RightImages, ServerTemplates and other RightScale assets and objects supported for this cloud in the coming weeks. For more information, see SoftLayer.

Support for Rackspace UK

Support for the Rackspace UK region has been added. Rackspace UK functions like a separate cloud from Rackspace US in the Dashboard, so you must add it to your account as a public cloud. For more information, see Rackspace and Rackspace UK Feature Support.

Support for AWS SA-Sao Paulo

AWS has recently announced the new South America (Sao Paulo) Region. Images are available in this region, with ServerTemplates coming soon. If you already have AWS credentials added to your RightScale account, this region will automatically be available to you in the Dashboard.



Specify Multiple Subnets for CloudStack Clouds

You now have the ability to select multiple subnets when launching a server in a CloudStack-based cloud. When adding a server in a CloudStack cloud, in the Networking section of the Server Details tab, choose a data center to see your available list of subnets, and assign multiple subnets from the dropdown.

Unresolved Issues and Bugs


Many bugs were resolved with this release. If you are interested in inquiring about a particular issue, please contact



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