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The July 26, 2011 minor release of the RightScale platform introduces new features for migrating your RightScale-managed CloudStack Version 2.1 private clouds to CloudStack Version 2.2.


When you upgrade a RightScale-managed private cloud to use CloudStack 2.2, you must also migrate RightScale objects associated with that cloud by following the steps outlined here. This is required for the RightScale Dashboard and API to locate and reference these objects due to differences in the way that CloudStack 2.1 and 2.2 track key objects such as security groups and server IP addresses, 

Important! Because the RightScale Dashboard and API are unable to communicate with your CloudStack 2.2 private cloud and cannot perform administration, monitoring, or update activities for that cloud until you perform the migration, you should follow these steps immediately after upgrading your CloudStack version. To migrate cloud objects, you must be logged into the Dashboard as a user with "admin" permissions for the RightScale account that was originally used to register your private cloud with RightScale, as described in Register a CloudStack Cloud with RightScale. This RightScale Dashboard account is also called the cloud administrator account.


Follow these steps to complete your CloudStack migration via the RightScale Dashboard:

  1. Go to Settings -> Account Settings -> Clouds and click the Administered Clouds tab.
  2. Click the name of the CloudStack private cloud to migrate.
  3. Click the Cloud Version Migrations tab to view a list of RightScale Dashboard accounts and usernames with access to your private cloud.
    • Accounts with private-cloud objects to be migrated based on the CloudStack version update will display a nonzero non-migrated resources value in the Migration Status column and a "Migrate" link in the Actions column.
    • Accounts that reference the upgraded CloudStack private cloud but do not include any objects to be migrated will display a "Finalize" link in the actions column.
    • Accounts that have already been migrated to reflect the CloudStack version upgrade display a zero (0) value in the Migration Status column and a blank Actions column.
  4. Assuming you are migrating your CloudStack cloud for the first time, we recommend that you select a single RightScale Dashboard account to migrate by itself before migrating other accounts in the list. To begin the migration, click the "Migrate" link in the Actions column for your chosen RightScale account.
  5. The migration may take some time to complete. If the Migration Status column still displays a nonzero value after your migration action is complete, you may need to refresh your screen and click "Migrate" again until all objects have been successfully migrated.
  6. When the migration for your selected RightScale account is complete, a "Finalize" link displays in the Actions column. Click this link to save all the required object updates identified during the migration process.
  7. After confirming that the migration process completed without errors for your chosen single RightScale account, migrate the remaining private cloud resources for the RightScale accounts shown on the Cloud Version Migrations tab, by clicking the Migrate All button followed by Finalize All.

Note: If errors during the migration or finalization processes prevent you from completing the above steps for any of your private-cloud resources, contact RightScale Support (Support -> Email) for assistance.

After the above steps have been performed for each RightScale Dashboard account referencing an upgraded CloudStack private cloud, all normal RightScale activity processing will resume for that cloud. This includes array autoscaling, alerts, and maintenance activities.

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