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Release Date:  Sept 9, 2010

General Release Information

Release Date:  Sept 9, 2010

Release Time:  9:00pm Pacific

Description:  The focus of this release is:

  • Community Publishing - Everyone (including Free Editions) can now publish ServerTemplates.
  • Publishing Assistant - A "wizard" assistant to assist with the publishing process, including adding EULAs.
  • Private Cloud Volumes - Manage Volumes and Volume Snapshots for private clouds.
  • Bulk Tagging - Tag multiple Servers in a Deployment.

Please read the release notes in their entirety for a more exhaustive understanding of what comprises this release.

Contact Information:


  • alpha - Feature that has undergone simple testing and is expected to change, possibly significantly, before going into "beta" or "general release."  Recommended for early access to new features and prototyping of new deployments/architectures.  Only eligible for limited technical support. Service Level Response times are not applicable to Alpha software.
  • beta - Feature that has undergone significant testing and is not expected to significantly change before "general release."  Recommended for non-production deployments.
  • general release - Feature that has undergone testing and field experience or is a minor upgrade from prior releases.  Recommended for production upgrade after testing.  (Also known as general availability (GA).)


Note:  Any numbers in parentheses below are for internal RightScale use only.  Please ignore them, they are simply tracking numbers. 


New Features

- Disclaimer -

recently_intro_icon.gifThe following new features have been added to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform.  Be sure to read the documentation, follow best practice principles, and thoroughly test any new functionality before making any changes to your production deployment.


Support for AWS Micro Instances

The RightScale Cloud Management now supports Micro Instances from Amazon... less than 24 hours after AWS announced availability!  Micro instances provide a new low cost instance type designed for lower throughput applications and web sites.  In the Dashboard Micro Instances are the new 't1.micro' selection in the Instance Type drop down menu when you Add a Server.  Note that micro Instances require EBS based storage. They have NO ephemeral local storage.  Please see FAQ 164 for implications of having no local disk.  See the announcement from AWS for more information. We are working quickly to adapt our family of RightImages to also function on t1.micro instances - please check the ServerTemplate and RightImage release notes for when we will make these available.

Private Cloud Volumes

Ability to view, attach, detach, and attach on boot Volumes and Volume Snapshots to instances, Servers and Server Arrays.  Supporting documentation and Dashboard Help Text will be released shortly.  (or-8974)

Windows Mobility

Some RightScale and AWS customers may have already purchased a multi-server license for Windows.  If that is the case and you have already activated your license (by calling AWS directly), you can use the RightScale Dashboard to draw from a license pool assigning it to a Windows Server during the launch process in EC2.  By doing this, you prevent double payment for your Windows licenses.  That is, you will pay for the infrastructure costs only in the cloud (the license costs were already paid for prior.)



Changes to the software are listed here.  Changes usually refer to enhancements to existing features, minor UI changes, additional logging or messaging, etc.

Improvements to MultiCloud Marketplace Search

The MultiCloud Marketplace search and filter combination has been improved and an Advanced Search feature added.  The interface is more intuitive now, and should produce better search results.  (gr-12525, gr-10659)

AWS CloudFront HTTPS Only Support

The Dashboard now supports HTTPS only sessions for CloudFront distributions.   There is a new 'HTTPS Only' field that when selected will only allow HTTPS requests to pass through it for that CloudFront distribution.  If unchecked, it accepts both HTTP and HTTPS requests.  (gr-11617)

AWS Elastic Load Balancer Sticky Sessions

By default, AWS ELB distributes requests to Instances running your application based on the lowest load.  However, ELB also supports sticky sessions.  Sticky sessions bind a request to the same Instance for the length of the entire session.  Sticky sessions are based on either load balancer or application generated HTTP cookies.  The RightScale Dashboard now supports sticky sessions for AWS ELB.  Click here to learn more.  (gr-11613)

Bulk Tagging

You now have the ability to provide any number of arbitrary machine tags to multiple Servers at once.  This is stipulated in the UI by a simple selection process on the Servers page in a Deployment.  This could prove beneficial in that subsequent bulk custom operations of your choosing can be performed on all the Servers that you tagged.  See Add or Remove Tags to Servers in a Deployment. (gr-11915)

Run 'Any Script' on a set of Servers in a Deployment

Similar to Server Arrays, you can now use the 'Any Script' feature to run a RightScript on select/all Servers in a Deployment.  This feature is useful for performing transient patches across a set of Servers.  The 'Any Script' option will be available under a Deployment's Scripts tab. See Run 'Any Script' on a Server(s).  (gr-11719)

Your Publishing Organization

RightScale users with publishing privileges can now manage all information regarding their organization (such as organization name, email and logos).   Click here for more information.  (bl-11954)

Sharing Groups have been replaced by Account Groups

Sharing Groups have been both streamlined and simplified.  The refactoring of Sharing Groups greatly simplified the process from a usability point of view.  The simplification resulted in a new (more applicable) name.  They are now called "Account Groups" in the RightScale Dashboard.  See Publishing and Sharing for more information.  (bl-12010)

Improvements to Your Publications - Publishing Assistant

Your Publication refactoring has produced an easy to use Publishing Assistant.  The Publishing Assistant allows for additional control, such as a short and long descriptions, whether users should be able to leave comments, comment via email, etc.  Click here for more information on Using the Publishing Assistant.  (bl-10759)

Community Publishing

RightScale users with any plan type can now publish a ServerTemplate to the entire RightScale community (public sharing), however only Premium, Corporate, and Enterprise plan types can still privately share RightScale components with specific RightScale accounts via account invitations.  This enables more granular control over publishing while allowing others in the community to benefit from your effort.  (bl-12317)

RightScale API Improvements

The following functionality has been added to the RightScale API:

  • Ability to set current parameters for a running Server (gr-12166)
  • Ability to read (get) values of both the current and next Inputs (gr-12167)
  • Ability to pull Alert Specifications by Server or ServerTemplate (gr-12168)



Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this release.

Internal error for blank volumes

Server show page and/or the Volumes tab shows "internal error" if blank volumes are bound to the Server (gr-7677w)

Incorrect Public DNS entry

Server Array Instances view shows Public DNS column entries incorrectly (gr-7159w)

Blank Volume not editable

'Attach Blank Volume' does not allow you to specify a volume name, nor is it editable after creation (gr-7550w)



Unresolved Issues

Please report issues to:


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