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Use EC2 Tags in RightScale

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AWS users with existing instances can manage all their EC2 tags through RightScale so they can take full advantage of our reporting and billing features and manage those tags in RightScale without any additional work. With our powerful query interface, administrators can perform wildcard or intersection searches and return extra information about tagged resources. Users will also have the advantage of managing their tags -- either EC2 tags or RightScale tags -- through either RightScale's Dashboard or the AWS Management Console.
Your EC2 tags for instances will be discovered when you add your AWS credentials to the RightScale Dashboard, and will continue to sync any tags created from the EC2 console. RightScale tags will also sync with the EC2 console when following a simple syntax during tag creation as seen below.

Add EC2 Tags in the RightScale Dashboard

  • In the RightScale Dashboard, go to a deployment with an operational server and click on the running server. 
  • From the Info tab, scroll down to to the tags field.
  • Click Edit Tags.
  • You will be able to remove the current tags of the instance as well as add tags.
  • When adding an EC2 tag, make sure the syntax is name:predicate=value and the name is ec2. For example:


​If you are adding a RightScale tag, see List of RightScale Tags.


Note that if you are setting a tag on a RightScale instance/server that was launched in EC2, our tag sync capabilities will set the instance name in the AWS console. For example, setting a tag on an instance/server to ec2:Name=Foo will set the instance name in the AWS console as Foo.

  • Click Add.
  • The tag will be applied to the server and will can be viewable in the RightScale Dashboard as well as the AWS Management Console. Similarly, you can view and add RightScale and EC2 tags in the AWS Management Console that will influence your instance. For information on how to add and modify tags in the AWS Management Console, see Using Tagging Amazon EC2 Resources.


The rs_tag utility for RS-EC2 tag syncing is not supported at this time.

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