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Markdown Syntax

You can now use markdown syntax in the description fields for ServerTemplates, RightScripts, and Deployments.  This makes your descriptions more readable.

Text Formatting

*italic*   **bold**
_italic_   __bold__

How do I escape text formatting?

In some cases you may have a filename that includes underscores. In such cases, you want to make sure that the filname is properly displayed and not accidentally italicized. Use backslashes to escape characters.  For example, if you have a text string called 'my_first_name' you will need to change it to 'my\_first\_name' otherwise it will appear as 'myfirstname' in the UI.



An [example]( "Title")

Reference-style labels (titles are optional):

An [example][id]. Then, anywhere
else in the doc, define the link:

[id]: "Title"


Inline (titles are optional):

![alt text](/path/img.jpg "Title")


The [id] must be the same in both rows.  If you add an image from an external site, you can get challenged with a "do you want to display the nonsecure items" message depending on your browser settings.

![alt text][id]

[id]: "Title"



Header 1

Header 2

atx-style (closing #'s are optional):

# Header 1 #

## Header 2 ##

###### Header 6


Ordered, without paragraphs:

1.  Foo
2. Bar

Unordered, with paragraphs:

*   A list item.

With multiple paragraphs.

* Bar

You can nest them:

*   Abacus
* answer
* Bubbles
1. bunk
2. bupkis
3. burper
* Cunning

Horizontal Rules

Three or more dashes or asterisks:

* * *

- - - -


Line Breaks

For line breaks, on the space between paragraphs, add three #'s followed by two spaces



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