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Volumes Index

The Index tab shows general information about all of the existing Volumes.

Default Fields

  • Name, Resource UID, Actions
  • Age - Volume age. Usually reported in the number of days, or a monthly approximation (for example, "5 days" or "about 1 month").
  • Datacenter/Zone - A regional datacenter in the cloud (Datacenter and Zone are synonymous). A cloud will often have multiple Datacenters which can help when architecting a highly available Deployment.
  • Size - Size of a Volume in gigabytes (GB).
  • Volume Type - The types of permanent storage Volumes the cloud offers. A Name, Resource UID and Size is associated with a Volume Type.
  • Server - A Server is an operational instance in the Cloud. This column shows the Server a Volume is attached to, or blank if it is not attached.
  • Status - Current status of a Volume in the cloud. Legal values are: in-use, available. If a Volume is in-use, the Server it is attached to is displayed on the Volumes index page. If its available, the status is left blank.
  • Tags - A tag is a useful way of attaching important metadata to an entity such as a Volume. Tags are commonly used as an extra label or identifier. They are also used for intelligent communication and processing decisions by the RightLink agent on a Server. If no tags are set for an entity, a "-" is displayed.
  • Snapshots - Displays the number of Snapshots that have been taken of a specific Volume. If no snapshots have been taken of the Volume, a "-" is displayed.
  • Last age - Last time the Volume had a Volume Snapshot taken. The number of days since the last snapshot or approximate number of months is displayed. If no Snapshots have been taken, a "-" is displayed.


  • Create Snapshot - Create a new Volume Snapshot. A Volume does not have to be attached to a Server (running Instance) in order to snapshot it.
  • Detach - Detach a Volume from a running Server or an Instance.
  • Delete - Permanently delete a Volume. You cannot delete a Volume that is currently being used by a running Server.
Clouds > Cloud > Volumes > Index > Index tab

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