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Repos tab

The Repos tab shows all of the repositories that are being leveraged by the ServerTemplate. Generally speaking, there are two types of repositories: Chef Cookbooks and OS Distributions.

Public software repositories for installation packages can change over time. As an added convenience, RightScale maintains daily snapshots of a number of software repositories. Therefore, as another best practice, you can freeze your software repositories to a specific date to help ensure that a server will launch with the same software versions over time. If you are developing and customizing ServerTemplates, you may want to reference HEAD versions of RightScripts until the ServerTemplate can launch a properly configured server that meets your requirements. Once you can launch a server with the HEAD version of a ServerTemplate you should commit it and create a static revision that you know will always reproduce a solid server. By using a committed ServerTemplate that references committed RightScripts and has frozen software repositories, you can guarantee that the server will be launched the same time, everytime.

Cookbooks Repositories Path
If you are using a MultiCloud Image that's referencing Chef-enabled RightImages (v5 and above), then you can associate a RepoPaths object to the ServerTemplate.

  • Cookbooks Repositories Path - The name of the RepoPaths object that's being used by the ServerTemplate. If you've recently made changes to the repo, you can use the refresh button so that you'll have access to the latest Chef cookbooks and recipes under the Scripts tab.
  • Repositories - The Chef repositories that are defined by the RepoPath's object. (e.g. git:// You will be able to use any of the recipes found.

OS Distribution Repositories
A list of all software repositories that are reference by the ServerTemplate. As a best practice for production environments, you should always freeze your software repositories to a specific date in order to ensure that the same software packages will be installed each time a server is created.

Design > ServerTemplates > Show > Repos tab
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