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Inputs tab

The Inputs tab shows the input variables of all the RightScripts that are used by the ServerTemplate. Remember, in order to be able to edit the inputs, you must either clone an existing ServerTemplate or create one from scratch. You can edit the [HEAD] revision of any Private ServerTemplate. Many templates already contain default values for common inputs. Inputs have several different levels of control. By default, a server will inherit its inputs from its ServerTemplate. However, if you can define an input's value at the deployment level, you can overwrite a value that's set at the ServerTemplate level. Similarly, if you define an input value at the Server level, it will overwrite an input's value that's set at either the deployment or template level. The same input can be used by more than one script. Use the links below the input value to view a RightScript that references the input in its code. There are several different types of inputs:

  • Inherit - specify a value to inherit.
  • Ignore - ignore this input when checking that all inputs have a value before launching a server and pass "$ignore" as the input's value into the RightScripts that use the input. This may only be applied to an optional input, and not a required one.
  • Env (AWS) - use an EC2 environment variable as the input value, such as the EC2 host name, instance ID, etc.
  • Text - a text string. If left blank (-unset-), input inheritance rules will take effect.
  • Array - an array of comma-separated values.
  • Cred - use a value from one of your stored credentials. As a best practice, you should use credentials for defining sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or keys.
  • Key - use an SSH key as the input value. The SSH key is passed as multi-line text value and thus must be carefully quoted when used in scripts.
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