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Images tab

The Images tab lists all of the MultiCloud Images (MCI) that are supported by the ServerTemplate. If there is more than one MCI, you must specify which MCI should be used by default. When you add a Server to a Deployment from the ServerTemplate, the default MCI will be the one that is inherited by the server unless you make another selection. ServerTemplates that are published by RightScale will include a list of all MCIs that the templates were tested with prior to their release. You can safely use any of the supported MCIs, however if you choose to add and use a different MCI with the ServerTemplate, you are strongly encouraged to thoroughly test its compatibility before using it in a production environment.

Action Buttons

  • Add MultiCloud Image - In order to promote best practices, only the most recently committed revision of an MCI will be listed in the selector menu. If no committed revision of an MCI exists, the HEAD version will be selectable. Once an MCI has been successfully added to your ServerTemplate's Images list, you can select a different revision or the HEAD version.
Design > ServerTemplates > Show > Images tab
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