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Only users with the 'admin' role privileges have the ability to add/change an account's AWS credentials. Subaccount users will not have access to the AWS Credentials even if they have 'admin' role privileges on that subaccount. You can only change credentials that can be regenerated from Amazon (AWS Access Key ID, Secret Access Key and 509 key/cert). For RightScale billing purposes, you cannot change the AWS account number associated with the RightScale account. (If you need to change the associated AWS account number, please contact

If you need to validate any of your credentials, click the fix or validate links. If you have not signed up for AWS or need to add a service such as CloudFront or SQS, follow the tutorial links below.

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Before you can use the RightScale Dashboard/API to launch instances and manage your cloud resources, you must first provide valid AWS credentials. Your AWS credentials must also be unique. You cannot use AWS credentials that have already been registered with a RightScale account. Therefore, if you want to use RightScale to manage resources for multiple AWS accounts, you will need to create a separate RightScale account for each AWS account.

Note: You will need 'admin' user role privileges in order to add/update your cloud credentials.

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