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Preferences tab

The Preferences tab lists the preferences of the RightScale account you are currently viewing. This tab is only visible to users with 'admin' role privileges in the account.

  • Instance Available - If enabled, email notifications will be sent to the owner's email address of the current RightScale Account when an instance becomes operational (default). Email notifications are sent from "" so you might want to check if your email is filtering them out if you do not see them in your email inbox.
  • Server tag scope - Specify whether you want your server tags to function across an account or contained within a deployment (default).
  • Billing Admin-only - If enabled (default), only users with the 'admin' or 'billing' user role privileges will be able to view billing-related statistics.
  • Verify Inputs - If enabled, you will always view the Inputs Confirmation screen prior to manually launching a single instance. If disabled, the input confirmation screen will not be shown if all required inputs have been specified. However, if values are missing for required inputs, you will view the input confirmation screen prior to launching an instance. It's recommended that you keep the default 'enabled' setting.
Settings > Account Settings > Show > Preferences tab
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