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Invitations tab

The Invitations tab shows any pending Invitations you have sent out. If you have 'admin' role privileges of the RightScale account, you can send account invitations to other users. When you send an email invitation, you must use the same email address that is associated with a user's RightScale account. If a user has not signed up for a RightScale account, he/she must sign up using the same email address in order to accept (activate) the invitation. You can also designate the desired permissions (roles) that the user will have on your account (ec2actor, ec2observer, etc.). Both the sender and the recipient will receive the email invitation. Email invitations will be sent from "" so they may get stuck in an email spam folder. Invitations will expire after six days. You can invite as many users to your account as long as you grant them 'admin' role privileges. However, there are limits to how many non-admin users you can invite to your account based on your plan type. (Website/Grid/ISV: 5, Enterprise: unlimited)

Contact us to inquire about adjustments to these limits.

Action Buttons

  • Invite Users - Go to the form where you can send a user an account invitation. You need to specify an email address and user roles privileges. Invite Permanent Users - Specify a user email address and configure the user role privileges to invite a user permanently. Invite Temporary Users - Specify a user email address and configure the user role privileges to invite a user temporarily. Specify the amount of days the user will be granted these permissions.

To learn more about Permanent and Temporary Invitations, see Invite Users to a RightScale Account to inquire about adjustments to these limits.

Settings > Account Settings > Show > Invitations tab
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