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Once you have learned about the RightScale API (Overview section) and know how to look things up (Reference section), seeing practical examples can help solidify precisely how to construct calls for various API Resources.  Examples bring the learning experience full circle.  Each example provided pertains to an often used API Resource.  Each example includes a curl (bash/sh) example and often a Ruby (right_api_client) example.1

API examples are really designed to be used in parallel with the API 1.5 online reference information.  We strongly recommend you use the online reference information at all phases of your learning curve.

1 The Examples section is a work in progress.  It is our plan to not only add to the number of examples, but to add to the curl examples with a REST API client (right_api_client) examples.  The curl examples have the advantage of ease of use when exploring, whereas the REST API client is likely preferred by more seasoned developers.  Although Ruby experience is helpful, the right_api_client examples do their best to minimize the complexity of Ruby used.  Some examples also contain a Supplemental section.  (Usually this includes a filter or view.)

See also

  • RightScale right_api_client (On github) - Developed by RightScale engineering
  • RightScale API 1.5 PHP library (On github) - This PHP library is under construction, but has many helpful examples that PHP developers will find useful.  Skilled developers may find the github examples more compelling than the Examples section of this guide.
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