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HREFs and IDs

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The API makes extensive use of hrefs (links). All such hrefs are relative to the host, therefore they do not include a hostname. A sample href is "/api/servers/1678". The reason for relative hrefs is the hostname may change over time as accounts are moved between RightScale systems located in different world regions. Thus, we do not encourage storing hostnames in client databases. In general, the API will return an appropriate redirect if an incorrect host is accessed.

All relationships are expressed using resource hrefs. The href of a resource is its unique and immutable ID in perpetuity. While hrefs are relative to the host, they are actually unique across the entire RightScale system. Therefore, there will never exist two resources on different hosts that have the same href.

Relationships and request parameters referring to other resources will always take a URL. For example, when creating a server one must specify the deployment by passing the URL.

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