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Cost Quotas

What are Cost Quotas?

Cost Quotas are reports found in the Dashboard that are exclusive to Enterprise editions of RightScale. Cost quotas are designed to warn enterprise administrators when one of the RightScale accounts within the enterprise is about to exceed its designated limit for the current month.

Cost quotas are set for each RightScale account within the enterprise. An enterprise consists of multiple RightScale accounts (typically one master and 2-3 child accounts). By default, the cost quota for each RightScale account is set to unlimited. RightScale will automatically send email notifications to all users with 'enterprise_manager' user role privileges when the usage estimate of a RightScale account has reached 90% and 100% of its cost quota.

Why are Cost Quotas useful?

Most public clouds charge and bill cloud usage on a monthly basis. The Usage Estimate (Reports -> Usage Estimate) offers an estimate of all billable cloud-related activity for a particular RightScale account.  But for companies that have multiple RightScale accounts it can become quite difficult to keep track of all cloud usage costs.

Cost quotas help enterprise managers better manage their cloud usage run rates so that monthly budgets are not exceeded. Set up cost quota alerts for each RightScale account in the Enterprise to better track the cloud usage costs that are currently being accrued for the current month. The purpose of this feature is to give the enterprise manager more visibility and trackability of overall cloud usage costs. The quotas are not designed to act as hard limits that cannot be exceeded. Users will still be able to incur additional cloud usage costs by launching instances, creating volumes, etc. even if the enterprise's cost quota has been exceeded.

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