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Filesystem Locations - v5.9


The following show key RightLink files split out by operating system (Linux and Windows).


Linux Systems

/etc/rightscale.d               | Static configuration, incl. "hints" for init scripts
/etc/rightscale.d/right_link    | Static files that customize RightLink behavior
/var/spool/cloud                | Cloud-provided metadata & user-data
/var/lib/rightscale/right_agent | Persistent config files generated at startup
/var/lib/rightscale/right_link  | Persistent RightLink agent state
/var/run                        | Transient agent state, e.g. pid files
/var/cache                      | Cookbooks, attachments, temp files
/usr/bin                        | Public CLI: rs_tag, rs_debug, ...
/opt/rightscale/bin             | Private CLI: rnac, rad, cook, ...
/opt/rightscale/sandbox         | Private sandbox (Ruby, RubyGems, ...)

Windows Systems

Data files – Paths are relative to %COMMON_APPDATA%RightScale

rightscale.d            | Static "hints" for system services
spool\cloud             | Cloud-provided metadata & user-data (.sh, .rb, raw formats)
RightAgent              | Persistent config files generated at startup
right_link              | Persistent RightLink agent state
cache                   | Cookbooks, attachments, temp files


Program logic - Paths are relative to %ProgramFiles(x86)%

RightScale\RightLink    | Application logic & support files
RightScale\sandbox      | Private sandbox (Ruby, RubyGems, ...)
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