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About the Enterprise

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Enterprise customers can create a 'master' enterprise account that acts as an umbrella account for all of its 'child' accounts.  Use the master enterprise account to monitor the cloud related activity across all RightScale accounts in the enterprise.  Each child account is essentially a separate RightScale account with its own AWS Credentials.  Each enterprise can have up to four child accounts.  If you require more than four child accounts, please contact

The user who is given the 'enterprise_manager' user role will be responsible for managing all accounts of the enterprise.  



In the diagram above, Michael is the Enterprise Manager.  He maintains that role across all accounts in his enterprise.  He has access to both master and child accounts.  Regardless of which account he is logged into and viewing, he will have access to the Enterprise view under SettingsEnterprise.

The Enterprise view is where he can monitor and manage all activity within the Enterprise.  He can track current run-rates, add/remove/modify user roles, and invite users across all accounts.


Enterprise User Roles

One additional role is available to the enterprise.

  • enterprise_manager - Manages all accounts within the enterprise.  Grants user role privileges across all accounts in the enterprise.  Controls which child accounts have access to which sharing groups.  The master enterprise account must have at least one 'enterprise_manager' user.  An 'enterprise_manager' can also grant the same privileges to another user.


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