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Invite a User to Join an Enterprise Account


To add a user to a RightScale enterprise account by sending an account invitation, which either grants access to the specified account, as well as defines the granted user role privileges within the account.

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  • 'enterprise_manager' user role privileges in the RightScale account into which you are going to invite a new user.
  • Paid RightScale enterprise account - Required to invite users to a RightScale enterprise account and grant them non-Admin privileges.


Only users with 'enterprise_manager' user role privileges can send RightScale enterprise account invitations to other users. In order to invite a user to a RightScale enterprise account, you must send the invitation to the email address that the user will use to log into the RightScale Dashboard. Remember, RightScale users are identified by their email address, not by a name or username.


Permanent Invitations

Use the following procedure to permanently invite one or more users to join a RightScale enterprise account.

  1. Log into the RightScale dashboard using your 'enterprise_manager' user profile.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Enterprise > Invitations.
  3. Click Invite Users. Enter the email address for the user you want to send an invitation to, and use the Select Account drop-down to specify one or more accounts you want to invite the user to join. Each account you select along with its available permissions is displayed just below the drop-down. Note that you can deselect an account by clicking remove.




  1. Choose the pernissions you want the user to have for a given account using the available checkboxes.
  2. Add additional user email addresses and account settings as needed.
  3. Click Send Invitations.

Temporary Invitations

Temporary invitations allow enterprise managers to invite users to their account, but the invited user will be removed after a specified number of days. If the invited user already exists on the account, any additional permissions will be added for the listed number of days. In Settings > Enterprise > Invitations, there is a section for inviting permanent users with specified permissions and a section under it for inviting temporary users with specified permissions. If new temporary permissions are added to a user that already has temporary permissions, the new permissions and expiration period will supersede the previous one.

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