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Remove Users from a RightScale Account


To safely remove a user from a RightScale account. 


If you are the administrator from an account, you may need to permanently remove a user from a RightScale account.


  • 'admin' user role privileges


  1. Go to Settings > Account SettingsUsers.
  2. Delete each user that should no longer have access to the RightScale account. If the user had 'server_login' and/or 'server_superuser' user role privileges, his/her managed SSH key (that was previously used to authenticate an SSH session to a running instance) will automatically be removed from any running instances. After a user is removed, RightLink will update the Managed Login Policy across all running servers. After a couple minutes the user will no longer be able to log into the RightScale account or SSH/RDP into running instances.
  3. As a safety precaution, you should relaunch all running servers that meet any of the following criteria.
    1. The deleted user had 'server_login' and 'server_superuser' privileges while the server was operational. A user with 'server_superuser' privileges could have compromised the server by leaving back doors.
    2. The deleted user had access to view and save the private key material of the cloud SSH key (e.g. EC2 SSH Key) that was used to launch any running servers. The user might try and SSH into a running server using a third party SSH client. Create new cloud SSH keys and relaunch servers with the new keys, as necessary.
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