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Delete a Cloud Account from a RightScale Account


To delete a public or private cloud account from RightScale so that the cloud resources are no longer accessible via the Dashboard (for that account).

WARNING! Before you delete a cloud account from RightScale, be sure you fully understand its ramifications.  See FAQ 114 - What happens when I delete a cloud account from RightScale?



All cloud account types including AWS can be removed. If you have any issues, please contact
For changing AWS credentails, see FAQ 69 - Can I change my AWS Credentials in the Dashboard?
For RightScale account deletions, see FAQ 126 - How do I delete my RightScale Account?



You must have 'admin' role privileges in the RightScale account you wish to delete the cloud account from.



Delete a Cloud Account

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Clouds tab. 
  2. Locate the cloud credentials that you want to remove from the RightScale account and click the delete icon in the Actions column (red "x").
  3. As a a safety precaution, you will need to enter the password that you use to log in to the dashboard. Enter your password and click Submit.
  4. Once you've successfully authenticated yourself, click Confirm Delete.
  5. After the cloud's credentials have been successfully removed from the RightScale account, the cloud will no longer be listed as an available public/private pool of resources under the Clouds menu. 



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