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View the Audit Entry of a Security Group

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A security group defines which ports are open to allow incoming or outgoing connections to a server within a network. Security groups essentially act as firewalls in the cloud. They are designed to control who can communicate (i.e., initiate communication) with a server.

Security groups give you a flexible way to restrict server access, allowing you to set restrictions specific to particular protocols, ports, IP addresses, or combinations of these. Permissions defined in a security group are additive in nature; so, if a server has two security groups where one group has port 80 open and the other group has port 80 closed, port 80 will be open (not closed) on the server.


  • 'security_manager' user role privilege


  1. Go to Manage > Networks > Select Network > Security Groups tab > Select security group.
  2. From the Audit Entries section, you can see information about the actions performed on the security group. It lists the time, summary, and user that performs an action, such as creating, removing, or modifying the security group.


Note: the audit information in this section is different from the Audit Entries tab of the network. For more information, see View Audit Entries.   



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