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Move a Server into a Deployment


To move one or more selected servers, or selected arrays (and all associated instances) to a different deployment.


  • Two deployments
  • An active/inactive server or array that has been configured in a deployment
  • 'actor' user role privileges


Before you move a server, it's important to fully understand its ramifications.  Remember, a deployment is a RightScale-specific concept. Deployments provide a means of logically grouping a set of servers together. Typically, you will create a separate deployment for each project in your RightScale account. Servers within a deployment will inherit any input parameters that have been defined at the deployment level unless they are overwritten at the server or server array levels. As a best practice, we strongly recommend that all inputs be defined at either the ServerTemplate or deployments levels.  (See Understanding Inputs.)  Therefore, due to the laws of input inheritance, when you move a server from one deployment to the next, it may inherit different input parameters. 

You can move both active and inactive servers. Remember, you're not physically moving a server from one cloud to the next.  When you move a server you are only changing the deployment with which it's associated. In addition, it is possible to move a raw server instance to 'no deployment' which causes the server to be removed from the deployment it is currently associated with.

Moving an Active (Operational) Server

When you move an active, running server, none of its current configurations will be changed.  However, it is important that you understand which of its inputs are being inherited from the deployment level, because any script that is run after the server has been moved will get its input parameter(s) from the the new deployment. Also, if the server is relaunched, it may be configured completely different the next time it's launched depending on what input parameters are inherited from the deployment level. 


  1. In the Dashboard user interface, go to Manage > Instances & Servers.
  2. Select the server(s) you want to move to a different deployment.
  3. Click Actions and select Move from the drop-down menu.


  1. The Confirm Move dialog displays. Use the available drop-down control to select the deployment to which you want to move your selected servers/arrays. Once you have selected the target deployment, click Move.


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