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SSH into a Server

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To SSH into a running or operational Server using the Deployment Servers Tab UI.



  • Valid key authentication for establishing a secure shell connection.  The type of required key authentication varies depending on the underlying machine image and your SSH user preferences and settings
  • Appropriate Rightscale User Permissions:
    • Rightlink v5.7 and below: server_login and server_superuser permissions
    • Rightlink v5.8 and above: server_login to login as non-root user; server_superuser to login and access root user
    • For more information, see RightScale Account and User Management
  • A running/operational cloud server
  • If you are using a cloud that support security groups to control the instance's firewall permissions (e.g., AWS) you must configure the security group to allow SSH access over TCP port 22. See Create a New Security Group.


  1. Navigate to your Deployment from the Manage > Deployments menu
  2. Select the server(s) that you wish to SSH into by checkbox (do not click their nickname)
  3. Select the Actions > SSH menu option:




  1. An SSH related browser window will popup, and an SSH session will be opened for each server selected.
  2. Optionally, you can click a server's Nickname to open it's Info page, then click the SSH Console action button to open an SSH session to that server.
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