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Launch a Server

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To launch an existing or newly added Server within a deployment using the Deployment Servers Tab UI.


  • An existing Server within a Deployment that is ready to be launched. See Add a Server to a Deployment for more details.
  • 'actor' user role privileges in the Rightscale account holding the Server to be launched.


Launching from the Server Level

  1. Navigate to your Server from the Manage > Servers menu or select your Server from the Deployment's Servers tab
  2. Click on the Server's Nickname to access the main Server details page
  3. From the Server's Info tab (default), click the Launch action button
    1. Optionally, if you have enabled the 'Verify Inputs' setting on your Rightscale account, you may be prompted to verify launch input parameters for the server prior to launching.



  1. If input verification is enabled, verify each of the input values and ensure no blank or missing values exist. Once finished, click "Save and Launch" to save all input parameters to the Server's inputs, or click "Launch" to launch the Server without saving the input values to the Server's inputs. See What is the difference between the "Launch" option and "Save and Launch" option? for more information.

Launching from the Deployment Level

This method allows you to launch one (or more) Servers from the Deployment level.


  1. Navigate to your Deployment from the Manage > Deployments menu.
  2. When viewing your Deployment's Servers tab, select the Server(s) that you wish to launch by checkbox (do not click on the nickname)
  3. Select the Actions > Launch menu option:



  1. Click Launch again if the 'Confirm Bulk Launch' popup comes up.

Note: When launching multiple servers, you will not be prompted to confirm launch inputs prior to launching, so ensure that each of your boot script/recipe inputs are configured prior to performing the bulk launch.

Manually Launch an Instance in a Server Array

  1. Go to Manage Arrays and select your server array. (If a server array is associated with a deployment, you can also select a server array by clicking it's Nickname within deployment's Servers tab.)
  2. At the server array's show page, click the Launch action button to manually launch a single instance (server) into the array.  

Note: You can manually launch a new server instance into the array regardless of whether or not the array is active (enabled), which is recommended for testing purposes before you enable an array.



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