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Add an Instance to a Deployment

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To add a non-Rightscale provisioned instance into a Rightscale Deployment for organizational purposes using the Deployments Servers tab user interface.


  • 'Actor' user role privileges
  • An externally created, non-Rightscale provisioned "raw" instance running in a cloud


  1. Navigate to Clouds > CloudName > Instances and locate your non-Rightscale provisioned instance
  2. Select the checkbox under the 'Actions' column to the right of the instance(s) that you wish to move into a Deployment (do not select its nickname)
  3. From the dropdown at the bottom of the page, select Add to Deployment then click Apply to Selected.

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  1. You will be prompted with a popup lightbox which asks for the desired destination Deployment

Note: You may select 'New Deployment' from the drop down to create a new Deployment to which the instance will be moved




  1. Either select 'Create new Deployment' or select an existing Deployment from the dropdown box, then verify the instances to be added to the Deployment
  2. Click Apply. The instances will now be added to the Deployment that you selected for logical organization purposes.

Post Tutorial Steps

You may verify instance placement within a Deployment by navigating to your Deployment from the Manage > Deployments menu



Important! Adding an external instance to a Deployment in no way makes it an official Rightscale provisioned 'server.' The Deployment Servers tab UI, as well as the 'Add Instance to Deployment' feature, are merely for cosmetic purposes to help you keep all of your instances, servers and server arrays organized in a single deployment.

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