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Introduction to the Dashboard UI


  • Become familiar with the basic UI functionality
  • Know and use common terminology surrounding the UI


Read the Dashboard Topological Map (its short!) within the Dashboard Users Guide.


This tutorial was originally created for students going through the instructor led training Operations course, but its equally valuable for any new users not familiar with the UI or basic terminology.  (Correct terminology is particularly useful if/when logging a ticket with Support or conversing on our Forum.)


  • Login to
  • Peruse the layout
  • Get a general feel for the more used sections of the Dashboard:
    • Manage -> Deployments -> View Dashboard; Manage -> Servers
    • Clouds (notice what is Global vs. Cloud specific)
    • Design -> ServerTemplates; RightScripts; Alert Escalations; Credentials
  • Add Quick Monitoring graphs

Tip:  Don't create bookmarks for yourself until you are well acquainted with the Dashboard and know how to navigate about without using bookmarks as shortcuts.

Note! Beginning users may want to use the UI in read-only mode for now. Don’t create, edit, delete or launch anything. (Use Cancel or your browser “back” button if you get too deep.)  This is particularly true if you are temporarily borrowing a colleagues RightScale account.  (Which is not recommended on a permanent basis!)

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