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Use Tags Across Deployments


Account-wide tags allow you to address servers throughout an account. Often servers are related but not grouped within the same deployment. In many cases, it is important to group servers that share inputs into a single deployment so all servers can use deployment level inputs. But circumstances may exist in which servers need to communicate across deployments.

The tags feature provides two options that can be selected to view deployments: at the account level or at the deployment level. When a tag is set at the deployment level, servers associated with those tags are addressable only within the deployment. When a tag is set at the account level, servers associated with those tags are addressable within multiple deployments.

Note: The latest LTS and infinity branch of ServerTemplates support tags across deployments. For more information about tags used by RightScale for various processes and purposes, see List of RightScale Tags.

Warning! When tags are addressable across multiple deployments, make sure the inputs are properly defined or unexpected behaviors can occur with the ServerTemplate.


Setting Server Tag Scope at the Deployment Level

For tags to be addressable across multiple deployments, Server tag scope needs to be set either on the Info tab of the deployment or at the account level.

To alter this field at the deployment level, after logging into the Dashboard, navigate to Deployments > your deployment > Info tab.


Select edit and toggle Server tag scope from 'deployment' to 'account.' When 'deployment' is selected, tags are addressable only to servers within the deployment. By default, when a deployment is created, it is set to this value. When 'account' is selected, tags are addressable to multiple deployments within an account. 
Note: A change at the deployment level settings does not affect any existing deployments in the account.

Setting the Server Tag Scope Account Default

To set up the account default for your Server Tag Scope selection, navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Preferences tab.screen-AccountPreferencesServerTagScope.png


Select edit and toggle Server tag scope from 'deployment' to 'account.' Make a selection here to choose which option will be the default for all new deployments.

Note: When an account is created, it is set up to accept only deployment level tags. 

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