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Update Inputs of Multiple Instances in a Server Array


To update the inputs of running instances in a server array. current input values of multiple running servers within a deployment.


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Inputs for new instances launched into a server array are set at launch time. You can check the server array's Inputs tab to verify which values will be set, according to the input inheritance rules. However, you may want to change an input that will affect all current and future running instances. For example, you may be using a server array for your application tier and push out new application code from a different repository. In such cases, you will need to update the appropriate input under the Server Array's Inputs tab, as well as change the same input for all running instances. But, what if there are 20 running instances in the server array? In such cases, instead of editing the Inputs tab of each running instance, you can change the input on some or all running instances by using the bulk set inputs feature. See the steps below for details.


Select running servers to update

  1. Under the Server Array's Instances tab, select the running instances that you want to update. Since you will most likely want to apply the change to all running instances, use the "Select All" text link shortcuts.
  2. Select the Set Inputs option from the dropdown menu selector and click the Apply to selected action button.


Specify new input values

Under the "Bulk Inputs Update" screen, provide the new input values that you want to apply to the selected instances. Use the dropdown menu to specify how the input will be set. You can either inherit the input value from one of the component levels or set it manually.


  • Unchanged - Do nothing
  • Use ServerTemplate value - Use the value specified under the ServerTemplate's Inputs tab.
  • Use deployment value - Use the value specified under the Deployment's Inputs tab.
  • Use ServerArray value - Use the value specified under the Server Array's Inputs tab.
  • Unset - Change to no value. Note: If you attempt to run a script that requires a value for this input, you will need to specify a value for the input before the script can be executed.
  • Text - Enter new text value.
  • Cred - Change to a credential (Design > Credentials).
  • Env - Change to an environment variable.
  • Key - Change to an SSH key.
  • No value/Ignore - Select to ignore value for input.


Click Save.

Verify Inputs for Running Instances

Go to the Inputs tab of one of the updated instances in the server array and verify that the input was changed accordingly.

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