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Run a RightScript on Servers in a Server Array


Run a RightScript on potentially many Servers in a Server Array.


Instead of manually executing a RightScript on each individual Server in an array, you can run a RightScript on one or all Servers in an array.  There are a couple different ways that you can execute RightScripts:

  • Run RightScript on the oldest Server in the array
  • Run RightScript on Remaining Servers
  • Run RightScript on All Servers


Scenario A: You want to update all of your application servers to pull from the latest code from your SVN repository.  After updating your ServerTemplate so that all new servers will be launched into the array with the updated software branch, you also need to update the existing application servers that are currently operational. 

Scenario B: You have a server array that has application servers that were launched with different ServerTemplates.   You need to run a script on all servers that are using ServerTemplate A.  Or you need to run a script that's used in both ServerTemplates (A and B).

Just like at the Deployment and Server levels, you can also use the 'Any Script' option to run any RightScript in your RightScale account's local collection.  See Run 'Any Script' on a Server(s).


Run a Script on a Server(s) in the Array

Go to Manage -> Arrays.  Select an active server array that has running instances on which you would like to execute a script.  Under the Scripts tab, you will see a list of scripts that you can run on the server instances.

Select a script and click its Run button.



A list of all ServerTemplates in the array that contain that script will be listed.   Typically, server instances in an array will use the same ServerTemplate.

Select which ServerTemplate(s) you would like to run the script on and the choose whether or not you want to run the script on one or all servers in the array.  

If you want to test the script before running it across all servers in the array, you can use the run on oldest option, which will execute the script on the "oldest" server in the array.   You can track the progress of the script's execution in the Events pane. 

If you choose the run on all option, the the script will be executed on all servers in the array.


Before a script is actually run, you will have a chance to verify the input parameters that will be used during the script's execution.


If you choose the run on oldest option and run the script on one server, you will see another option, run on remaining, which will run the script on the remaining servers.  

Note: When you run on remaining, it will run on the remaining servers that are in the array when you click the button.  If your array scales-up or down between the execution of both actions, the number of instances listed may not be accurate. 

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