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Differentiate Two ServerTemplates


To differentiate between two ServerTemplates, revealing what has been added, removed or modified to produce their differences

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  • 'designer' user role privileges


Similar to the way you can differentiate between two RightScripts, you can also run a diff to see the differences between two ServerTemplates.  You select the two ServerTemplates in drop-down menu fashion.  The output of your diff shows the two ServerTemplates in parallel, with colored text highlights of all added, removed, and modified attributes. 

A common use case for this is when you want to see, in detail, the differences between two ServerTemplates after a new ServerTemplate release.  Another possible use case is when you have cloned a ServerTemplate, spent some time working on it, then perhaps left it untouched for some period of time.  Running a diff on the original and the clone will quickly catch you up to speed with respect to what has changed.  You can also follow that up with running a diff on the two latest versions of your newer cloned ServerTemplate to pin point exactly what you had been working on most recently.  


The following is a basic example of how to perform a diff on two ServerTemplates, including sample output.

Running a Diff

  1. Go to Design > ServerTemplates
  2. Select the ServerTemplate you wish to run a diff on (for example, PHP App Server v6) *
  3. Select the Diff action button
    1. Select the revision to compare against in the drop down menu
    2. Select the Diff action button in the drop down

* Alternatively, you can select the Diff action button here, and specify both ServerTemplates in the drop down menu.  It is easier to have this filled out for you when selecting the ServerTemplate name however, particularly because the default version numbers are usually correct and you can often proceed by simply pressing the Diff action button.

Sample output

Example: Description and MCI 



Example: Modified Cookbook

A cookbook change will be highlighted for the following reasons:

  • A different version of the cookbook is attached to the ServerTemplate. (e.g. v12.1.0 => v13.5.0)
  • The cookbook comes from a different repository location. In such cases, the name of the repository is listed underneath the cookbook name. Note: The cookbook's version may be unchanged.



Example: Script Reorder

When a script is dragged up/down the list, it will be highlighted as removed and added in the differential markup.



Example: Modified RightScript

A RightScript will be highlighted as a change whenever a different revision is used.


Default Version Information

When you select a ServerTemplate name, the default versions in the drop down are usually correct, and what you would want to run a diff against.  However, you can specify any existing revisions.  The "To" entry is the most recent non-Head version.  The default "From" entry is the version prior to that.  For example, if your ServerTemplate has 5 revisions (rev 5 down to rev 1), the defaults would be:

  • To: [rev 5]
  • From: [rev 4]
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