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About RightScript Attachments

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What is an attachment?

An attachment is a file that you can statically link with a RightScript.  It's useful for attaching smaller files for development and testing purposes where  can easily use the attached files in your RightScript's code using the 'RS_ATTACH_DIR' environment variable.  For example, you could attach a MySQL dumpfile (.gz) or tarball of your application code (.tgz) to an install boot script. However, for production environments, it is recommended that you store your application code in a git/svn repository and your database backups using automated backups that are created using RightScale-published ServerTemplates.

How do I upload an attachment to a RightScript?

See Upload an Attachment to a RightScript.

Where are attachments stored?

When you upload an attachment to a RightScript in your own RightScale account, RightScale will store the object in our local repository and will make the object available to the instance at runtime.

Can I edit an attachment in the Dashboard?

Yes. See Edit RightScript Attachments.

What is the maximum size of an attachment?

100 MB

How do I call an attachment in a RightScript?

Before a RightScript is run on an instance, all of its attachments are downloaded to a temporary directory. The path to the temporary directory is passed to the script in the RS_ATTACH_DIR environment variable.  All files will be stored in that directory using their original file names (without any path component).  

Note: Please use RS_ATTACH_DIR, as the ATTACH_DIR variable has been deprecated.



Powershell:  "$env:RS_ATTACH_DIR"

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