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Update RightScripts across Multiple ServerTemplates

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To update RightScript revisions for multiple ServerTemplates (HEAD versions) at a time.


The Update Xref tab cross-references and displays all cases were the RightScript is being used by ServerTemplates. You have the ability to view all ServerTemplates using the HEAD version of this RightScript and select which ServerTemplates you would like to updated to which revision of the RightScript.


  • Navigate to Design > ServerTemplates.
  • Select a ServerTemplate.
  • Select a RightScript you would like to update. RightScripts with newer revisions available will be highlighted in orange.



  • After selecting a RightScript, click the 'Update Xref' tab.


  • Shown are all the ServerTeamplates using this RightScript. Select the ServerTemplates where you wish to update the RightScript. You have the option of selecting 'All shown'.
  • Click Update Selected and the following window will appear:




  • Shown are the ServerTemplates you selected that are using this RightScript. Select a revision for RightScript to update.
  • Click Update.
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