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Declare an Environment Variable in a RightScript

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To define an environment variable input in a RightScript.


A RightScript can be parameterized by specifying a number of inputs that need to be provided to the script for its successful operation. 

Proper syntax for declaring standard environment inputs will vary depending on the type of scripting language.

  • Bash
    • $MYINPUT
  • Perl
    • $ENV{‘MYINPUT’}
  • Ruby
    • ENV[‘MYINPUT’]
  • Python
    • environ[‘MYINPUT’]
  • Powershell
    • $env:MYINPUT
      • Because Powershell variable names are not case sensitive, you can use all lower case letters to prevent system environment variables from being identified as user-defined inputs. (e.g. $env:my_sys_input) 


Go to the Scripts tab of an editable (HEAD) RightScript. 

Based on the language of the script, use the appropriate syntax format for declaring your environment variable.  Remember to provide a helpful description for each environment variable that's identified.  

A few examples are shown below.


#!/bin/bash -ex
echo "Hello my name is $FIRST_NAME"


#! /usr/bin/perl
print "Hi my name is $ENV{‘FIRST_NAME’}";


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